The truth about pesky dark circles and how to keep them at bay

If you’re like me having to deal with dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, either it’s part time or a full time offense, this story would be one to read. I am going to share a short reason for what causes them and a few home remedies to keep them at bay.

For some people genetics plays a big part in reoccurring dark circles and puffy eyes. If you have fair or thin skin around the eye area, you will more likely deal with dark shadows under the eye. For other’s it runs in the family and for that reason you should stay on top of your moisturizing and facials as much as you can.

Aging is another word that for some us we can admit, it can make us feel a little uncomfortable at times. Unfortunately with age we know that over time we begin to lose collagen and our skin becomes thin, so that veins begins to appear more dominantly. Also, as time goes on the sun can become unfriendly to us and your skin will need extra protection through out the day. Find the best facial sun screen for your skin type with a SPF 15 or higher.

We know that seasonal allergies and sinus infections are enough to deal with but now, we have to deal with the horrible consequences of puffy eyes, dark circles, or worst, both! Allergens triggers the release of histamines in our bodies, which can causes the tiny vessels to become inflamed and causes swelling under the eye.

Rethinking your sleeping pattern can be a lot easier said then done. If you sleep on your side or flat on their stomach, gravity causes fluid to build under your eyes and give off that grave tired look. Incase that’s not actually the look that you were going for, doctors normally recommend up to at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep at night.

Now that I have shared this little bit of information with you. I now would like to share a couple of home remedies that are easy to do at home on your down time.

Test yourself:

Gently stretch the skin under your eye. If that area becomes darker, the dark circles are probably due to genetics or aging. If the color doesn’t change , UV rays or allergens are more likely the cause.

Dark shadows due to poor circulation; try using an extra pillow at night to help prop up your head, to stop build up under your eyes. In the morning apply a cold compress onto your face or, wash your face with cold water to help constrict the blood vessels.

If allergies are the culprit try to use a warm face mask before bed and use an extra pillow to raise your head. This will help some of the sinus drainage goes down and not building up.

Now if thin or fair skin seems to be the issues you can try to use a collagen based creams. Use before bed and before you leave the house, along with a routine facial regiment. Clinque and Channel has a good range of creams and serums for just to boost the collagen. If this is a little to pricy for you, of course drug store brands like Oil o’lay and Revlon has just as good creams as the others for half the price. Although sometimes spending a little extra money on your skin, will pay off in the long run 🙂

                         Stay moisturized.


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