13 shades of Red

The summer time is here and why should the weather be the only hottest thing around.

It’s a daring move to wear red lipstick and if you can find the right shade for you, all eyes will be in your direction. Of course different colors work best on different skin tones, so here is a simple and fun way to find your perfect match.

Turn your wrist over and look at the color of your veins. If its a more blueish in color then you have cool under tones. More greenish color means you have a warmer under tone.

If you’re a Fairer tone try a classic red, or one that’s is a little on the lighter side with hints of pink.

 More of a medium tone, then a darker blue based red will work for you. Think more like plum red or even a nice cherry red.
Darker skin tones try more of the orangey red colors, or try one with reds that have an orange or gold like tone to it will be the perfect match.

Now that we’ve have gotten that out of the way. Here are 13 gorgeous shades of red’s you must try out and see which one’s are your favorites.

  • Marilyn By Dior Diorific high fashion Lipstick
  • Viva Glam by MAC lipstick
  • Diva by Dior Diorific Grande Ball Lisptick
  • Impassioned by MAC Lipstick
  • Perfect Red by NYX cosmetics Matte Lipstick
  • Ruby Woo by MAC Lipstick
  • Red Tango creme by Estee lauder Pure Colour lipstick
  • Rouge Rayonnant by Lancome L’Absolu Rouge
  • Lady Danger by MAC lipstick
  • Sensai Kanebo Rouge Vibrant cream colour
  • Neon Red by Maybeline Colour sensational vivids
  • Mascate by Nars Pur Matte Lipstick
  • Rich Red by elf studios Matte Lip colour
  • th-10 th-11th-13 th-17

2 thoughts on “13 shades of Red

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, Blue base reds looks gorgeous on darker tones as well. Sometimes I have to switch up between light and medium tones myself, since I have a little bit of a yellowish tone mixed in.


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