Chanel & Versace 2014 paris fashion week

Fall /winters 2014 fashion week in paris is almost over and the theme was all about Haute Couture. This year there were so many designers to talk but, right now there are two that I must mention.
Karl Lagerfeld debuted his new winter Haute couture collections, ending the 2014 show with this insane pregnant bride gown, made of neoprene. It’s beautiful and held it’s shape well as the real pregnant model walked the runway. The designer admits that his inspiration for this gown was from pregnant woman. The gown was made out of neoprene, which is what’s normally what a scuba diver’s suit is made out of. The clothes are more for fashion shoots then to be worn but, I am sure we will see some celebrities out and about in one of these pieces soon.

images-12 BN-DP439_karl_E_20140708213851

Versace 2014 Haute couture fashion show looked beautiful and elegant as always.
Every piece that hit the runway was to die for and it fit beautifully oneach model on the runway, instead of that horrid look as if she was drowning in her own clothes.

Take a look


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