Stem cells treatment to reverse heart damage


Can stem cells treatment reverses heart damage?

I have a heart condition that can easily turn into a serious problem as I get older. So of course when I heard about this treatment, I wanted and needed to know more. Not just for myself, but for my family and friends families, who may be suffering from a heart disease. This research is something that can benefit millions of people around the world in a very big way. 

This stem cells treatment has been going on for some time now and the subject matter is changing of the heart. The experimental treatment is to see if stem cells can reverse the damage caused by a heart attack. Our hearts relies on a regular flow of oxygen to keep it pumping. During a heart attack, that blood flow gets challenged by a blockage in the artery. Without blood flow, the area of the affected artery starts to die and begins to scar the tissue in the surrounding area. Unfortunately over time the scar tissue can later cause heart failure.
Most people who has suffered a heart attack may sometimes have to follow-up with medications or certain therapies.
This new treatment using stem cells, could potentially repair and regenerate damaged heart tissues. Amazing right?

In a study that was published three years ago by The Lancet.
Originally at the beginning stages of the research, a few heart attack patients had an infusion of stem cells taken from their bone marrow. Doctor’s were getting discouraged with the results and since has used the method of using stem cells from the patients own heart. The advance of using stem cells from the patients owns hearts, the studies have since increased with positive feed back.
The whole idea, is to have about a million of cells infused into each patient’s heart with a catheter. Their calculations suggest that each infused cells could re-create trillions of new heart cells. The stem cells help replenish the scaring of the tissue, around the affected area. Out of the 14 people who has since been analyzed so far has shown dramatic improvement in their heart function. This can be a really big deal, if this study actually prove to be a real success.
I can only wonder if this study can possibly help in the future with certain lung diseases. Researches has mentioned that there has not been any major issues with any long-term side effects, but it is still a concern to look out for.
I read an article where one doctor actually reports that one of his patients before treatment could barely walk about 30 feet. After the treatment the doctor said, the patient has reported to have been able to go back to work, play basketball again and can get on the treadmill for 30 minutes.
I have family members who has suffered a heart attack or has a heart disease.
It started with one news report and I need to know more about it. This new information was so importance that I had to share it with my family and friends.

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