Julia Roberts still a pretty woman in Lancome’s new ad.

I just wanted to take a quick moment and just say how gorgeous Julia Roberts looks in her new Lancome Ad. I have been a fan of Julia Roberts since I was a little girl and Pretty Woman had first came o


ut. I loved the fact that she was tall, with big beautiful brown eyes, a great wide smile and a crazy laugh to follow. She was this gorgeous red head with this fun and care free attitude, that she has manage to carry over in most of her roles. She has since grown as a actress and has become a hollywood heavy weight. I’ve too have gotten older and have moved on to other female celebrity crushes. Last nigh when I saw the new Lancome commercial, it reminded me of why I fell in love with Julia to begin with. She still looks gorgeous, her eyes and lips still pops the moment that she smiles.

So, enough with my crazy rant about Julia Roberts and back to work with the store I go lol.

check it out for yourself.


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