19 and the youngest designer to hit Miami’s fashion week.

Francesca Aiello was the youngest fashion designer to show her swim wear line, during Miami’s 2014 fashions week. Her swim wear line is actually cute and it’s not just for teens. The young designer said in a interview that she started a couple of years ago, just posting her swim wear on Instagram.
She launched her line at 17 since then it has taken off and now she has her own models walking for her. At the beginning she didn’t know how to sew and needed her mother to help her, which to failed at the first attempt. She now has found a pattern maker and factory in La where the pieces are being made. Francesca is a smart young lady who won’t let her age stop her. This is her third swim suite line and Francesca is excited to start working on her next project.

Fashion Week Swim -1Fashion Week Swim-5

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