Medical marijuana to help adults & kids with epilepsy.

In Illinois soon adults and children with epilepsy will be allowed to use medical marijuana to help ease their symptoms under the new law signed on Sunday by Democratic Governor Pat Quinn. “This new law will help alleviate the suffering of many adults and children across the staten” Quinn said in a statement. “Epilepsy is a debilitating condition, and this much needed relief will help to reduce some of its symptoms for those who endure seizures.”
The new law in Illinois that will take effect this January 2015, will allow children with who experience seizures to be treated with non – smokable forms of cannabis with permission from their parents. This is a subject that is still up for debate, but there has been tons of research and studies on this matter. There are a lot of stories from parents who’s children that have seizures for hours at a time, they would give the treatment to the child and the seizures would slow down.
This is a topic that you would want to do a lot of research about. If you are or, know someone who suffers from epilepsy this might be something to look into. At least just read and inform yourself about it.
The states across the country are having this discussion about rather to legalize it for medical reasons or not. The state of Illinois is putting the final touches on a broader medical marijuana plan, a tightly regulated program who’s regulations were finalized last week. The residents will be allowed to apply for permission to use the drug to treat medical conditions in September, and full program is expected to be up baby early next year. I have family and friends who suffers from this disease and I want to help inform them on new and different studies.

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