The perfect handbag

Now, before I start I should tell you that I am completely obsessed when it come to handbags. Yes, it is a serious problem of mines, I shall be the first to admit it.
Some men spend a lot of money on fast cars, some woman spend their money on expensive shoes, I just happened to spend the money on expensive bags.
Ladies if you’re with me let me know.
But don’t get me wrong it’s not about labels and the amount you spend on your bag that makes it fabulous. It’s the bag it’s self that makes it fabulous. The right bag is the bag that immediately grabs your attention the minute you see it.
It needs to jump out at you and it has to make a statement, not just a look.
the right bag can help turn your day look into a night look. A boring look into something fun.
The perfect handbags for you are the ones that fits your personality the best.


Like this black hand bag with gold studs from our store. This bag can go from a day look to a night look very easy. Try pairing this cute little bag with a pair of fitted jeans or leggins and let it do it’s magic. You can check out this bag and more at

~Jade~ MDB styler

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