The most relaxing pedicure; The Pearl Spa treatment

Today I had received the best pedicure ever. I decided to go for a change and went for the Pearl spa pedicure. I normally do the jelly pedi which I love, it always feels good and leaves my feet feeling soft. Just recently as pf last week I’ve tried the green tea spa pedicure, which is just as good leaving your skin very minty fresh. Today I went with the pearl pedi cure which I absolutely fell in love with immediately. It’s so soothing! The water has a mint green smell to it And it’s refreshing on my legs and feet. It gives a cooling tingling feeling, which I loved so much. I’m in love! It feels like I just crushed a hundred pearl onto my legs and feet. It’s worth the I was completely relaxed. $40 that I had spent on this and I will get it again in two weeks. The massage that they give! Forget about it. I completely almost fell asleep until the sound of the city bus outside alerted my senses again. After the pedicure they always follow up with a free 5 min back rub. What more can anyone want! My legs and feet feel smooth as butter and the color is gorgeous darling! I especially enjoyed all the laughter that was going on inside the salon and watching the little 9 year old girl next to me giggling up a storm during her foot scrub lol. The next time you go to get a pedicure, think about spending the extra cash and get the pearl spa pedicure treatment it’s worth it 😉

By Tara Xoxoxo ♡



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