A few tips to help relive stress at work


For some of us the end of summer means gearing up for the coming winter’s work load. The boss is already on you for this weeks project and it’s only Tuesday! So here are a few stress relieving tips to help you get through the work week. 

If you can get away with it try putting in one ear bud and listen to some up beat music, for about 10 minutes to wake your senses back up. There are times when you find yourself really stressed out, up beat music may not be best. Instead you might want to try a little more of the soothing music, what ever that may be for you to relax to. 

 Before you tell your supervisor or, that annoying co-worker off, try taking in a few slow breaths and count to ten and then count backwards to number 1. 

Overloading in too much paper work? Trust me I know what that feels like. Try to make your work load work for you, with a little time management. Set hourly or daily goals for your work day, just make sure you stay realistic about it.

 Take a walk during your lunch breaks so that you can clear your head, or have lunch in a park on a nice day. Sometimes being around nature and breathing in fresh air can give you a little extra boost, until it’s time to go home 😉

Your Mind and body works hard for you, so take a step back away from the computer when your eyes start to strain. Close your eyes for a quick 30 second intervals, to help your eyes relax  so that you can see your work clearly.

Once you get home take off your work clothes, change into something more comfortable and try meditating for about 20 minutes. Researchers note that meditating daily helps you to handle stressful situations and work a little easier.

I know how work related stress can at times get the best of you, so I do hope that this post can help you out with a few ideas. There are more little things that I would like to share with you on what I do for work related stress but, I am getting tired and must be at work on time in the morning 🙂

Share with us the different things that you do, to help relieve some of the stress at work.

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