Victoria Beckham & Mothers2Mothers charity


Victoria Beckham is a fashionista with a beautiful heart. Victoria is giving away 600 pieces from her personal collection for the Mothers2Mothers charity. Which helps the prevention the transmission on H.I.V to their babbies. The charity goes to woman and their children in nine different countries. The idea is to train these mothers living with the virus to help mentor other mothers in their communities. The women will work along doctor’s and nurses In understaffed health centers. For Victoria it started with a visit to South Africa with Anna Wintour and visited the Mothers2Mothers organization center. She loved the program so much that now she will do the major sale on  on August 20th through the 25th to raise the money for the charity. After all these years Victoria Beckham is still all about girl power and we love it! You can also check out the Mothers2Mothers charity at

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