A little beauty talk with Destiny


My friend Destiny is a pro when it comes to applying Makeup. Her face is always well blended and her look is forever changing. So I decided to ask her a few beauty questions regarding her makeup regimen. I figured it’s never too late to learn something a little different 😉

MDB: Destiny, what are your top three makeup brands?
Destiny:  MAC, L’Oréal and  Estee`  Lauder.
MDB: Your a mother of two, what kind of moisturizer do you use for the girls?
Destiny: I use aveeno on the baby’s skin and my oldest daughter and I, both uses shea butter which keeps our skin as soft as the baby.
MDB: what Is your morning regiment? Destiny: Black soap and a lemon Scrub. I usually use the lemon scub once a week for about a 10 minute’s, to make sure any impurities are removed.

Thanks Destiny!  I sometimes switch around with my body moisturizer, since I have sensitive skin. Every once in a while I will still use Johnson Johnson baby lotion.
No, I am not shamed by saying so lol. Tell me what do you use to keep your skin soft and smooth?  

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