Affordable & fashionable


Looking your best now a days sometimes can be a bit pricy. Once in a while it’s fun to buy expensive things for yourself, and there are those times when it can become a little bit stressf. Of course there are ways to buy cheaper clothing and jewelry and still look as if you walked off the red carpet. It’s really just all about the way you put it together. Fashion should be fun not stressful, so don’t worry if you can’t afford what everyone else is wearing. Fashion is how you wear it, not how people proceeds it. The right accessories will always make the right outfit work, such as wearing your same go to outfit when there’s nothing else to wear in yout closet or, having a event to go to with nothing new to wear. No need to worry, try adding a couple of accessories to the mix, just don’t over do it and wha~la a whole new look.  The eyes will automatically attract to the accessories and no one will even notice if you wore the same outfit last week! The whole idea is to work with what’s available to you and to Own It!

Check below for a few different ideas and looks.



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