Let’s Talk About Hair

Have you saw a celebrity on the red carpet and thought wow, she looks amazing? Whether it be the designer dress, sparkling jewelry or beautifully done hair, that look you want is much more easy to achieve than you think. First, let’s talk hair. Some of the biggest named celebrities and fashion icons like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Tyra Banks, Wendy Williams, Britney Spears and Kim Zolciak make use of wigs. If you just want to switch your look up or try out a new hair color without damaging your hair, wigs are a great choice. Weaves, which is just as widely used is also a good idea but wigs are more easily maintained and also does not require your own hair to be damaged in the process of styling.

You’re thinking, Ok, yeah I know that, but how do I get it to look the way I want it? Don’t get discouraged on a low budget. Of course with more money you get high quality. But that’s not to say you cannot look just as spectacular on a smaller budget. There are plenty of brand names which offer human and synthetic good quality front and full lace wigs at an affordable price. For instance, there is equal, Milky way, FreeTres and more which offer good quality units. There is a line called ‘shake and go’ (http://www.snghair.com/) in which the style is already predetermined but lasts a long time and is easily maintained even after washing. There are large selections of styles to choose from in this line like short and glamorous or long and diva style. They are also along with the other brands I’ve mentioned a better fiber quality which means you can put heat to it (curling iron, flat iron) however, usually no more than 400 degrees. This is great if you buy a curly wig and would like to loosen the curl or if you bought a straight one and want to bump it or give it a curl. The amount in which you will pay is based on the length going in inches. The shorter the length, the smaller the amount you will pay.

Currently, the most commonly desired type of unit are the full lace and the front lace wig. The difference is full lace is a thin lace which goes around the complete circumference of your head and can be styled and parted anywhere as it looks like a natural scalp and front lace going only from ear to ear and cannot typically be put in an updo (unless applied as such). Lace wigs are bonded to the scalp slightly above your hairline with either lace wig tape or bonding glue. Your hair should be either braided back and you should cover than with stocking cap. If you are wearing a front lace wig the stocking cap should be the color of your hair (i.e., black hair, black stocking cap.) If you are wearing a full lace wig, the color of the stocking cap should be of your skin tone.

A downside to lace wig, whether full or front is the bonding process. There are levels of either tape or glue in which you need to pay attention to. If you are wearing the unit for a long period of time (a week or more without re-bonding), then you will need to get extreme hold. If you are just wearing it for an occasion or for a temporary event, its best you get ‘daily hold’ which will make it easier to remove at the end of the day. However, even if it is temporary and you sweat a lot, you may want to also consider ‘extreme hold’. A great brand is 30 Sec, however there are also other good brands available. There is also the option of bonding tape, which is good but only for temporary hold unless put on carefully. It is very easy to put a lace wig on with glue, you can do it yourself. However you should be careful, because it can be messy. Be of ease when pulling the brush out of the jar. If you pull up too fast it can drip and that is a nasty clean up. You want to make sure that you carefully brush the tip of the brush along where you plan to put the tip of the lace (above your hairline



Full lace: Best to braid your hair in a circular manner before putting the stocking cap on. Front lace best to braid your hair back and leave a portion of it out in back for updo styling. Most important tip to making your unit look natural and fresh is texture and color. Texture is super important as well as choosing the right color for your complexion. God bless blondes and redheads but we’re not all blondes and red heads. And if your heart is set on those colors, make sure to get a two toned unit with roots of a natural tone. And again, I cannot stress how much important texture is.
Have fun & dare to be different~Lena Simone MDB Styler


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