Nail polish that can detect when a drink has been spiked.


I heard about this on the news today and it almost blew my mind.
Undercover Colors, is a nail polish that changes it’s colors when it becomes exposed to date rape drugs. Yes, you’ve read this right! How exciting is this and just think of the technology behind it. It’s such a great idea considering that under handed creeps will never know, which can save a lot of women’s lives.
The group behind this amazing idea are a group of four male chemistry students, who just recently won this year’s Lulu eGames at North Carolina State University.

 Keep in mind that you would have to stir your drink with your finger, in order for the detection to work if any. It’s still at the beginning stages of development and can right now let you know if your drink was laced with a Xanax, or rohypnol.
This is not the first product idea aimed to help women to stop these creeps.
There is a Israeli scientist who developed a straw that with a small sample of a drink, will light up when it detects the presence of a date rape drug. Not to mention a company called Drink Savvy invented a glass that changes appearance when a drink has been spiked. So, the question here is why haven’t we seen these products from these other companies yet?
The guys at UnderCover Color are at the moment accepting donation’s via their Facebook page, to help fund the research and development of their product.
This is such a good project to get behind, it really doesn’t matter if your a woman or a man and everyone has a woman in their life 😉


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