New York 2015 Fashion week kicks off perfectly.


Between both the Kick off’s of NewYork’s 2015 Fashion week and the Kick off of Football season, I am seriously going to go insane tonight. I am right now watching the SeaHakws vs. Green Bay packers, while I am also watching the Meskita 2015 spring/summer collection while writing this post. Lol, I honestly think that I’m starting to get dizzy here. Enough about my me and let’s move on the the shows.

The 2015 Meskita collection is absolutely gorgeous. The models where draped in gold & while Metallic garments. All the pieces were so gorgeous. The look was very summery and had a classic throw back of the 70’s style to it. I really wanted all the pieces that I saw. I NEED TO HAVE THEM ALL! lol. Followed behind the Meskita show came Marissa Webb’s 2015 spring/summer collection. The Jackets where so cute and it was all about the high collar. I already can see the women on 5th avenue wearing it on their way to work or, for an afternoon lunch and shopping trip. Like Meskita, some of Webb’s collection was more for the everyday business woman. The pieces were gorgeous and had a laid back vibe to them. The collection 2015 collection is perfect for fun day out.


Check back for more of the 2015 spring/summer New York Fashion Week updates. 🙂

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