New York is still buzzing with Fashion.

Georgine, put a modern twist to some vintage looks for this years 2015 spring/ summer collection. I was in love with the mixture from the 50’s & 70’s, with soft pieces mixed in with metallic pieces. The new collection will give any woman a good boost of confidence. I thought I was in love before but, as always the best does get saved for last. And trust me darlings, we are no where near close to the finish line of Fashion week in New York. The bathing suits are even to die over between one piece bathing suits, to cute little bikini’s, down to the vintage style of the 70’s. The fabrics that were chosen for the entire collection are beautiful. Every last look was just jaw dropping, it’s so hard to chose which designer was the best. My favorite part of the show had to be when the designer herself snuck onto the stage so quickly, while the models were doing their final walk. As quick as she went up there, was as quick as she exited to the left. ;p 

Well, no matter how shy she may have seemed her collection was absolutely amazing.

Photo’s coming soon.

Reem Acra, 2015 spring/summer collection is absolutely stunning. The dresses are elegant, the material’s are beautiful and the colors are gorgeous. Each dress had it’s own special a wow factor about it. Towards the end of the show, it was all about sheer dresses in nude colors. Which looked absolutely beautiful and drove the audience crazy, with each person reaching for their cell phones to catch their favorite dress. No one can go wrong wearing one of Reem Acra’s dresses.
I do predict seeing a lot of celebrities walking the red carpet in one of these dresses.



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