Stocks and Fashion


Normally you would not hear these two words together in a sentence. This time With New York fashion week ending and London Fashion week begins, NYSE is showing a little bit of love for fashion. Earlier in the year, the Coach brand has admitted that Michael Kors was the reason behind it’s poor performance, mentioning that it had lost market shares to Michael Kors in the handbag department. Unfortunately as of right now, the stocks are not looking so good for the Michael Kors Brand with advice from several analysts to sell. Michael Kors holdings have been doing a duck and move on the NYSE charts, with a 52 week low of sales of $70.59 and a 52 week high with shares at $101.04. After the buzz of this past 2015 Spring/Summer Collection at New York’s Fashion Week, I wouldn’t push the Brand to the side just yet. Personally I love Michael Kor’s handbags, and I do hope he sticks around for a little bit longer. I own six different bags by him, and some are a little bit pricy and some are not, for me it’s worth the price with how strong the bags are. You can never go wrong with the right Michael Kors bag, you just have to find the one that fits you.


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