The New Generation of old Hollywood


Emma Ferrer, who is the granddaughter of the wonderful Audrey Hepburn, is now dipping her feet into the fashion world. It’s only fitting that Emma would grace the cover of Harper’s Bazaar for this months issue. The photographer for the shoot was Michael Avedon, the grandson of the photographer Richard Avedon, who loved shooting Audrey and considered her his muse.
Recently in a interview Ferrer, mentions how up to about now she has been living and studying quietly in Italy. She was a little nervous about the shoot and what people in the fashion world would think of it. Now that she has tested the water’s, she now has her mind set on more modeling jobs, hoping to sign with a agency soon. Considering who her grandmother is, and not to mention she does look like her, I seriously doubt she will have much of a problem finding a good agency. Emma looks like her grandmother, just with lighter curlier hair. At the End of this year Ferrer will be moving to New York City to continue her studies and which it won’t be the last we hear about Emma.


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