Michelle Obama will host a fashion workshop

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Michelle Obama will be hosting a fashion workshop next month at the white house.
On October 8th a couple of designers will be invited to the event. It’s so obvious that the first lady loves her self some fashion proving the point with her never ending makeovers, which are always fun to see. Of course with fashionable friends like Beyonce, who wouldn’t want to put their best fashion foot forward.
The designers who have been invited to the invent will help educate and mentor the next younger generation of fashion. Prabal Gurung, Reed Karakoff, Maria Cornejo and Bibhu Monhapatra to name a few.
College students from the washington D.C area, also have been invited to attend the workshop on October 8th 2014.
The first lady has been quoted before by saying “fashion is a business and an art.”
Being that this will be the first annual workshop and the stylish first lady, we can only imagine how fabulous this event will turn out.


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