New Breast cancer drug that possibly lengthen the lives of women


There is a new breast cancer drug from Roche that can possibly lengthen the lives of women batting certain forms of breast cancer. Researchers have found that patients with a certain type of cancer Called HER2 positive were found to experience unbelievable benefits, as a result of the drug named Perjeta. HER2 positive is the most common form of breast cancer in woman.

Researchers noted that women who took the drug in together with a medicine called Herceptin and chemotherapy lived an average of 15 to 16 months longer than those who did not receive the new treatment.
This study is a really big deal for women and can possibly save a lot of lives, or at least to help keep our loved ones with us a little longer. 15 to 16 months is the longest life extension ever to be seen in clinical trails regarding this type of cancer. Researchers had given the drug Perjeta to about 800 women. Then they observed the survival rate at an average of 56 1/2 months for those given the trial drug compared with the 40 to 41 months, for the patients that were given only chemotherapy and older drugs.

This new research is completely beneficial for all women and when I heard about this, I had to of course share the news with you. It’s very important for woman to have a yearly medical exam taken so you know what’s going on with you.

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