Tyra Banks breaks into the beauty business


There are many things that I can say about Tyra Banks, but I will try not to go into one of my long rants and try to keep this at a minimum lol. Tyra Banks has help change and continues to help change the way models look, and the way that they walks down the catwalk. She also took away most stereotypes about super models and showed the world how they really look behind the camera.

When I was in my earlier teens I use to admire the hell out of that woman. I’ve watched every Victoria secrete Fashion Show religiously every year.Tyra owned the catwalk when it was her turn to hit the stage. years later she decided to take all of her knowledge and share it with women and young girls, all across the world with America’s Next Top Model. She thought us how to feel, look and act like a super model, even when we may not feel or look like a super model.

Now Tyra is taking over the cosmetic with her new make up line with collections called Tyover, Smize and It factory. Not only can you buy her beautiful new makeup collection, you can also sell her makeup and become your own boss. Move over Avon Ladies, I have a feeling that this new idea of Tyra’s just might take off. Not only will the woman help you look great, she will help you make money as well 😉

I can’t wait to check it out so, I will be keeping a close eye out for it once it hits the stores.


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