Naomi Campbell shows age is nothing but a number

I love Naomi Campbell, and she will heat things up next month on the cover of Vanity Fair spain edition. The 44 year old model still looks amazing and it makes you wonder why did Trya retire so early, although we know that Tyra goes on to another successful venture.
The stunning beauty On the cover is wearing nothing but a sheet to cover her needed parts. The inside photo’s are just as amazing, with her body still in great shape. Her makeup has always been a neutral look to show off her already stunning natural features. I can tell you that she does inspire to me to look like her, once I hit her age. The woman may have a little bit of a temper but, she still looks good. Does it count? No not really, but we can give miss Naomi a pass.

Her new magazine spread is amazing showing that age is truly just a number.

Naomi-Campbell-Covers-Vanity-Fair-Spain-November-2014-by-Nico-5-449x600Vanity Fair Spain - Noviembre 2014Naomi-Campbell-Covers-Vanity-Fair-Spain-November-2014-by-Nico-1-449x6002-naomi-campbell-for-vanity-fair-spain-449x600

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