A few photo’s of the new dresses

I begged a couple of my girlfriends to wear some of the new dresses so that I can take a few snap shots of them, just to show off the way the dresses will look on a human body. I love the way the dresses look on the girls and the floral dress has to be one of my favorites of the new dresses. Of course, this is not all of them I just thinks it’s best if I go to bed now.

I think that I’m coming down with something so I am going to keep this short, sweet and lay the heck down.

Below are some of the new pieces to the boutique.


black&white dress $20.00
black&white dress $20.00
floral dress
Floral dress $28.00
Jeffrey Geoffrey dress. Photo only

floral dress $28.00 Francisfloraldress5

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