Sorry for the delay; It’s New York Fashion Week


It’s been a crazy couple of months for me, so please forgive me for not being around for a whileI ended up finding out the wrong way that working three jobs and stress can really take a person down lol. So after being on bed rest for a couple of months (Dr’s orders) I am back, just in time for New York Fashion Week!

New York Fashion Week kicks off this Thursday February 12th, 2015. Now that I am back and in focus I will be staying on top of the latest news, as well as keeping you all up to date with the latest news and events with NYC Fashion Week.

If you are in New York City or plan to visit anytime soon, there are a couple of off-broadway shows that are running now about the fashion world.

Everything You Touch by Sheila Callaghan
performances at the Cherry Lane thither.

Fashion For Men performaces at the Mint Theater playing through March 29th

The Lion, running through March 29th at the Lynn Redgrave Theatre.

Ryan Raftery will reprise his Anna Wintour musical at Joe’s Pub on Feb. 15th, 18th and March 3rd. It’s been told that Anna Wintour’s daughter herself saw the show and gave it her approval.

Come back to check out all the latest and the crazy that happens in NYC during Fashion Week 😉

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