Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief show; New York Fashion Week

Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief charity fashion show was to benefit the Ebola Survival Fund. New York City was buzzing on Valentines day during the 2015 Fall/winter fashion show when the Iconic Naomi Campbell show began. The beautiful model was seen backstage holding Justin Bieber’s hand, which sent almost everyone into an instant heart attack. Now I am sure it was all to bring attention to a good photo opt, but with Naomi’s reoccurring role on Empire it makes me a little nervous lol. All joking aside, Naomi looked beautiful as always and considering she has ruled the runway for years she pretty much showed everyone that she is a force to play with during her relief fashion show.

The collection was beautiful with different printed designs and materials that flow’s beautifully with the body. These looks can work for all women with different taste and styles, it was so hard to chose between the collection pieces. The men’s wear was knocked out very early by the women’s wear to be honest. Once Naomi took the stage the crowd went insane. It was hard to tell if they went crazy over her, or her fabulous dress. The collection was just so stunning with one after another, after another, it was hard to keep your eyes on one piece at a time.
There was also a little surprise for all the fans of the Fox 5 T.V show Empire, when Bryshere Gray “Hakeem” came out onto the runway. The music was upbeat which help kept the energy going in the room as each piece premiered on the run way. The all black pieces were a knockout and the all black fringe jacket would make anyone envious of the other woman wearing it. Naomi not only had her celebrity friends walked the runway with her, she also featured a lot of models in her show that most designer’s would shy away from which made it even more glamorous. Ladies, Ladies, Ladies… Tyson Beckford’s fine self hit the runway looking damn good and my heart it the floor! I’ve had such a serious crush on that for years and I am sure I am not alone on this. How is it that he still looks so good?! SMH…
Ok, Ok back to focus. The stunning piece’s it’s self was a show stopper but the gold gown that graced the cat walk was LIFE. Ms. Naomi saved the best dress for last, when came out in this gorgeous black and white dress that looked as if the 44 year old was born in it. Honey Naomi brought Fashion week to it’s knees this season, check out the photo’s and link to the video below.

Enjoy 🙂



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