Move over for Taraji P. Henson


Taraji P. Henson has been one of my favorite actresses for years now and I am so excited for her new role on the hit new Fox show ‘Empire’. She play’s Cookie a mother of 3 young men who was just released from prison, to find her ex-husband running what has become Empire without her. If you have not checked the show out yet, you must see at least one episode. The show has a theatrical edge to it if, done the right way it can be made into a great off broadway play. Taraji and the cast are doing their thing on this years hit show, but Cookie is the star and the star must break into fashion headlines.
The outfits that are picked specially for Cookie are amazing and have since been secretly stealing away scenes on the show. Since episode 2 aired everyone wanted to know what Cookie / Taraji P. Henson, will be wearing on the next episode. Taraji P. Henson hair and makeup is always looking flawless and the forty-four year old actress keeps in shape by trying to keep to her six days a week work regimen. In a interview done last year with Fashion Bomb Daily, she talks of trying to work out six days a week and to keep from getting too bored she work’s out with a personal trainer two or three times a week. That is how she is able to look so fabulous in those outfit’s on and off the set. 

Check out the photo’s below of Taraji P. Henson many amazing looks.

th-122 th-120 th-119 th-118 th-116 th-115

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