Beautiful black & white color blocking dress

Ok, so it it took me longer then I thought just to add a few photo’s of the new arrivals. I’m telling you working three jobs is not so much of an easy task lol. So enough about me and more about the dress.
This beautiful black & white pattern dress is one of my favorites so far out of the new purchase orders
(ok, that was a lie! I’m in love with the black lace dress too ).
The cut of the dress is long and elegant making it easy to wear it in the office, or while having a fun night out on the town with you’re hot date of choice.

This beautiful dress comes in a size large and with the color blocking patterns it will look gorgeous on any shape and size!
There is only one more left in stock, you should call Dibbs on it before someone else snatches it up and its gone! I don’t keep multiple items in stock at the same time, so it keeps everyone feeling special and happy.The items on the site do make a rotation and if you missed out on something you like, it will be back again at some point. Make sure to keep a look out for what your heart desires , or just send me a request. I am putting it up here on the blog site early, giving everyone a chance to snactch up this beautiful dress before it goes up on the stores site.
Don’t forget to check out for new arrivals ; )

See you later,
Miss Taramarie♡ xoxoxo




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