Kors; Elegant handbags for every occasion and style


There is no secrete that I am crazy about my Michael Kors handbags. No matter what the occasion calls for or the style that you represent, there will always be a bag that is a must have. Not only has this brilliant man figured out away to make his brand affordable enough to buy, but also elegant enough to make you proud owner of your new purchase. I have about seven (7) different styles of his bags and the collection keeps growing.
I am so obsessive over Michael Kors, that it takes up to 2 hours, with five different bags on my arms before completely making a purchase. Of course I have to see how the style of my new baby looks on my arm, then it goes by the the color, then it spins off into needing a matching wallet to go with the new bag. I am what one would call a bag whore lol. I work my ass off not only for the sucess, but very much so for my previlages lol.

This new beauty that I have gotten for myself is the pink medium-sized bedford bag with the tassle. I absolutely love this bag and it has quickly become the new favorite out of his collection! Normally I use a larger bag to hold my life in it lol, but this one to my surprise has just the right amount of space for me to be able to survive. It has three (3) seperate compartments to it where the top part of the bag unzips and you can put a decent amount of things in it, all while still being able to fold the flap over to close it. The bag it’s self is beautifully designed and it comes in Tan, Pink, Navy blue, white and black. The summer is approaching which means sales after sales in Macy’s and I need to hide myself under a rock, so that I will not be solely responsible for Michael Kors buying himself a new car lol.

Are you insane about your handbags? Lets discuss the madness!

Check out Michael Kors new collection in stores.

Peace and happiness ♡




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