New age beach wear


We may not have flying cars just yet, but what we do have for the summer of 2015 are smart bikini’s. Thanks to French designers with their new line of bathing suits Spinali Design. This bikini has a smart chip in it that connects with your smart phone, to alert you when it’s time to reapply your sunscreen. When I first heard about it I laughed with the thought of
electicution running through my head. Thankfully for their law team and our safety they have figured out a way to put a water proof uv sensor chip, inside the bathing suit that will alert your smartphone when it’s time to reapply. Once you enter in your skin type into the Spinali Design app, which will monitor the temperatures outside and alerts you throughout the day when it’s time to use your sunscreen again. The company also offers a beach towel which you can color coordinate to your bathing suit. The towel connects to the same chip embedded inside the bikini to communicate with your iPhone or android. The bathing suits coast around $167 and the connecting beach towel coast about $111.

  The Smart bikini was launched back in May, and they are now available for purchase from the company’s website. You can customize your bathing suit from a one piece two piece. The developers are working on a smaller chip to use for their new line of bathing suits, as well as a children’s and men’s line. You can certainly say that times have changed and maybe some of it for the better. No matter what has changed sun cancer has not, so make sure to you keep yourself protected from the sun at all times


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