Fendi’s spring/summer collection 2016- Milan


Fendi showed off their 2016 spring/summer collection for Men’s Fashion Week in Milan. 

The 2016 collection was all about feeling lose and comfortable while having a whole lot of style. Fendi was on point with their Blazers and jackets for this  collection, it was hard trying to pick out my favorite piece until the two toned snake skin jacket hit that runway. The colorful lose fitting tops matched the companion of the lose fitting pants, giving this 2016 spring/summer men’s collection a cool look.

 Fendi’s Men’s bag line should of had a show all of its own! There were so many amazing bags, it almost made me a little envious of not having one for myself. The men’s bags were a collection of being Sleek, cool and with a little bit of an edge to them. Just like the snake skin jacket won my heart, so did the matching snake skin book bag! Fendi scored big with this 2016 spring/summer collection. 

Check out some of the looks from the 2016 spring/summer collection. 





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