Skinny jeans : a dangerous love afair 

Skinny Jeans have now become a new dangerous love affair for some women according to the huffington Post. A 35 year old woman who recently had to be cut out of her skinny jeans by the hospital staff. According to the woman she was in a squatting position helping her friend with something, when she realized that she has completely lost feelings in her legs and feet. The poor woman couldn’t even move, forget about switching to maybe a comfortable pair of sweat pants. I can’t really say too much about the woman considering that I too have been a victim of the “skinny jeans pains”which always hits me in my lower back and hip area. I find myself from time to time having to pull the jeans up just a notch above my hip, to help relive a little of the pain. The non-strechyness of the jeans causes the fabric to act as an elastic band which then puts pressure on the nerves causing a little discomfort. Of course ladies, we all know that good old fashion saying “with beauty comes as little pain”. So think about this the next time you purchase another favorite pair of skinny jeans, and ask yourself if it’s really worth it in the long run. 😀 

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