Be Kylie Kouture 


The Kardashians are everywhere. Literally everywhere. In fashion, in music, in television and radio and now… hair!  Yes Kylie Jenner the youngest member to take a selfie and go viral now has a hair line with Bellami Hair to introduce Kylie Hair Kouture.  

Kylie teaming up with Bellami hair is a fantastic mix of edgy modern style with great quality.  Using Jenner as the muse Bellami hair used a new technique they call InvisiWeft.  InvisiWefts are seamless and lay flat on your scalp making them virtually undetectable. With this technique each strand of hair is fused onto the weft reducing shedding and tangling and with that, the life of hair. And! They’re clip in, did I mention they’re clip on?! So very easy installed or removed, anyone at any level could master the look within moments. There’s also a variety of colors you can get. The length is mostly 20 inch, however you can always style it yourself, cutting it shorter or layering it and so forth. 

Unfortunately, this is not super cheap. You will of course indeed pay for this level of quality. For one pack it’s about $250.00. But don’t count it out. This hair will without a doubt have a longer lifespan that cheaper quality hair. You may be losing money continously buying cheaper hair with the illusion you cannot afford the better quality. One large purchase can save you months of money. Think about it. The cheaper quality (with extreme good care) will last about 2 weeks – TOPS! The better quality with last 2 months – MINIMUM and could last for 6 months up to one year. So the large purchase can be better in the the longrun. For more information on the variety of colors and to order your very own Kylie Kouture Hair by Bellami Hair package. 




Be Kylie Kouture – By Lena Simone

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