A few summer fashion ideas for the guys

 We have not forgotten about you guys over here at MyDibbs Boutique so, we bring to you a few ideas to help boost your cool points this summer. There are so many magazine write up’s and blog post regarding cool accessories for women, but the guys are hardly mentioned. So, at MDB we decided to do a special section for you men at the store and with that comes a quick check list to add to your summer wardrobe. 

The Tie: Away with the heavy fat ties and welcome to the era of the skinny tie. Skinny ties are good, whether the ties are made of wool, silk, satin, or cashmere, they work perfectly for any casual to formal wear. 
What a cool looking watch: yes, the times have changed where it’s not as necessary to wear a watch. With all kind of devices such as cellphones, tablets, laptops and more, we have time always available to check. The women in your life can tell you that there’s something sexy about a man who wears a watch! Especially, if it is one of those watches with the plain face and leather band to them. You don’t have to break bank to look cool, you can turn  heads the same with something as less pricey. 

The perfect pair of shades: The right pair of sunglasses is a must a have for men. The perfect shades will not just protect you from those harmful rays from the sun, but they also add a dash to your style. The recent current trend of shades for men seems to me more retro, which is mostly known for the rounded frames, like a Havana style or they more like Top Gun. You guys tend to have less pocket space so most companies also make their glasses to fold easily, so that they can fit your pockets without taking up so much space. Just remember there are tons of sunglasses out there in all kinds of shapes and styles, so you just have to go with the style that best matches to the structure of your face. 

A good cologne: the right smelling cologne can make all the difference. If your outfit is perfect from head to toe, but your cologne smells like you took a bath in it, all bets are off. Guys you do not have to lay the spray down heavy, just a two sprits on move onto your neck, chest and wrist you will be good to go. Pick a scent that isn’t too heavy with an alcohol base and don’t forget to take the time to test them out. Quick tip: you can always ask the sales girl which scent does she like best, it never hurts to try😉



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