One of the greatest things about the weather switch up is the fashion and shoes! This season laces, ropes and gladiator style shoes are in serious demand. You cannot walk down the street without seeing these styles everywhere. The best part about it is a lot of these styles are affordable! You can find them anywhere from $39.99 to $99.99 (of course you’ll find some are more expensive than others but that depends on brand). Everyone knows that heels are a girl’s best friend (well other than diamonds *winks*) but sometimes we need a break from them and no one likes to substitute sexy heels with bland flats. However, who says that flats can’t be sexy or just as interesting as a pair of stiletto heels (okay, I’m exaggerating as we all know that stilettos can make almost any outfit hot year round but still flats get a bad wrap).

If you have a rockers style or a laid back skater chicks style or if you’re style just is simple, you can find the right summer flats to accommodate you. Just look at a few examples I’ve got below, I guarantee you’ll love at least one of the styles.


Moral of this blog is… don’t frown on flats…






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