A nice cold shower to beat this NYC heat

New York City can be very unforgiving in the summer time. The heat index makes it hot enough on its own, but it’s the humidity that will get you for sure! At work the office goes from extremely cold, to extremely hot, leaving my body with nothing but crazy mixed signals all day. So, after a long stressful day at work with deadlines up to the heavens, I ran right into the house and straight for the shower. I turned the dial onto nothing other then straight cold water.     

 Speaking of Dial… That’s the whole reason for this post. Let me explain myself a little. 
I recently was in my local grocery store when in a hurry I snatched up at random the closes body wash that was near me. When I finally got to the house, after feeling like I just walked the complete stretch of the Sara Desert, I jumped into the cold shower and turned up George Clinton as loud as I could. The cold water seemed to have brought me back to life (thank goodness). 

In the middle of drying off, I realized that my body was as soft as a baby. I looked at the body wash that I had just purchased and to my surprise, it was a Dial product. What?! I said to myself as I read over the  entire bottle of body wash again. I couldn’t believe that this Dial product has made me feel as if I had just came directly from the Spa it’s self! It easily had exfoliated my skin from the grind of the day and I immediately felt really relaxed right after. The Aeroma in the air was nice and relaxing, which was really nice and well needed. 
It worked so nicely that I decided to share the love with you ( just in case your’re thinking.. Random). That’s how excited I am about it lol. It’s perfect for sensitive skin, and I think everyone should try it at least once. It coast around $3 to $4 in any neighborhood drug store.  


Do you have a favorite body wash to use?

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