The SCAD welcomes SCAD FASH

The Savannah College of Art and Design will soon open the doors to SCAD FASH which will be another section to its own fashion Museum. SCAD FASH will set to host a number of international fashion exhibitions, films and lectures for both the students and the public. Vistors will get the opportunity to interact with one of a kind garments created by famous fashion houses from around the world.

The Atlanta school’s new section of the museum will add another 10,000 square feet to its already 27,000 square feet, for public gallery space, a fashion conservation lab and a media library. I am sure that the SCAD students must be proud to belong to the largest fashion museum in the United States on their campus.   
The very first exhibition to the museum will celebrate the house of the beloved designer Oscar de la Renta. 

The Presentation will feature the clothing from the 1960’s through the present, which is to include the gowns on loan from the former First Lady Laura Bush, dresses worn by Taylor Swift, Oprah Winfrey and including Ocar de la Renta’s new creative director Peter Copping. Programming for later exhibitions at SCAD FASH will be “I feel ya: SCAD +andre 3000”.

The school it self is a house full of soon to be discovered talent and with the new addition of SCAD FASH, the creativity level will be insane filled with nothing other then great art and memories. 


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