Did we skip fall?!

  It seems like somedays we just skipped the fall season all together and moved right into an earlier winter season. Just last week we had beautiful warm weather and with one quick blink of the eye, by the end of the week it was freezing cold again. I guess it’s time to except the hard truth, that winter is approaching and fast. So, the time has come to break out your favorite comfortable oversized sweaters, tall boots, thick stockings and cute scarves to top off the look. 

Here are a few ideas on how you can stay both stylish and warm;)

A long cardigan or a blazer will pair nicely with your day wear and it’s easy to transition it into a cute after work look, whiling joining your friends for a few after work drinks.

Rain boots have made a popular come back within the last few years and it’s easy to get your hands on a pair, you just want to make sure they are not your basic pair of rain boots (avoid in the fishermen look). Make sure to get a pair of boots that you purchase for yourself, puts a smile on your face on a dull and cold rainy day. 
Sometimes when the weather is a mess, I tend to wear colors that are super bright just to give some kind of life to the day, It works well and it keeps my mood and others up. 

Since we are at the end of October, the weather is still a little bipolar, so there for always stay prepared and fabulous! I decided to show some of the new styles that has come in, which are perfect with this moody weather.  

Check out the photos below and don’t forget to stop by and like MDB, on Instagram and Facebook @MyDibbsBoutique

Remember  ~ to be you~ is fabulous, do it without any guilt~ Tara Marie💋




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