How Red are you? 

The color red has so many different meanings behind it, but I am going to let you in on a little secret that you may not know.

To many people the color red symbolizes passion, love and anger, but to many other people the color red is warm, red is also an energizing color and it also embodies power & strength. Not only does the color red excites emotions, it sends a signal of confidence helping with that next big interview, or finally getting the nerve to asking that special someone out.

The color has been on a rise with a lot of jewelry designers using tons of different gemstones to chose from for their next creations not to forget using Rubies, Garnets, and diamonds. The color red is making a big splash for the up and coming holiday season, so don’t be surprise to see a lot of Crimson, Maroon and candy apple red at your next holiday gathering.

Red lips are the latest craze with colors selling out left and right. One of my MDB Stylers has been going insane trying to get one Kat Von D’s red lipstick colors, but it has been sold out for months now.

Just Remember, the next time that you want to make a good impression think red!


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