Beauty services at your door

Did you know that there is a new beauty company that has made an app called “ManeStreem”, that will basically bring a normal Hollywood treatment straight to your door step?  Think Uber for available hair stylist! Yes, you’ve read correctly… A Uber like service for users to bring hairstylist, photographers, spray tanners and more right to your location. 

Having these professionals come to your home is nothing new, but You’ll  have to wait for the next appointment before you can enjoy this kind of luxury. This app is perfect for those who may not be physically able to get to the hair salons. Like Uber don’t exchange cash, you pay through the app including tips and if it takes PayPal credit, then someone will have to  hide my phone from me. 

The beauty providers are certified and two percent of the profits from the app will go to the charity WigsandWishes, which is a great organization that goes around to grant wigs and wishes to children and women that are in the fight against cancer. Right now ManeStreem will only be available for user’s in Philadelphia and for now it’s only available on ITunes. 


No worries, the company has plans to release the app for androids devices and with success the services will be available to other cites as well. 

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