The holiday’s are here and MDB is full of cheers!

Everything is finally coming along nicely at MYDibbs and I wanted to spread the happiness around the best way that I can. Through out the month of December, There will be a few contests and MYDibbs will be giving out some cute little giveaways to bring the cheers straight to you.

The first contest is for all the makeup lovers out there! Below are a few questions to see how makeup obsessed you are. It’s fun and hey, you can possibly win a little something just by participating. I will pick the winner randomly and then I will contact you so that I can send you your free gift. Just copy and paste the question and your answers into the comment section and make sure to include your email so that I can contact the winner. The winner of this giveaway will receive some E.L.F makeup products… Don’t worry, no random foundation colors will be sent to you lol.

Have fun and enjoy!

How many makeup kits do you have?

Do you feel naked without your makeup?

How many items of makeup do you use every day?

Do you experiment with new makeup products that are introduced in the market?

If you only had to pick one makeup product to use for the day, which product is a must have?

Do you have to budget your finances before you spend money on makeup and beauty related products?

How many of your friends and colleagues ask you about your makeup and beauty tips related questions?


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