Alexander McQueen London 2016 fashion week

Happy Holiday’s everyone! It’s been a very busy holiday season for me this year, it still beats last year when I was on 2 months bed rest so to speak. Nothing but crazy deadlines and holiday parties in between, I was still able to find out some great little fashion news to share with all of my fashion lovers out there. The Brand of the late Alexander McQueen will be taking a different route this year for London’s Fashion week, to show the labels 2016 fall women’s wear collection. The show is scheduled for 21st of Febuary at 7pm.

It’s a good move for the brand considering that early on in McQueen’s early years he use to show his collections in London, before moving the creative shows to Paris France. Recently other big name designers have been switching up their normal routines for Fashion Week like Givenchy, who switched everything up with a huge public out door event to show off his beautiful collection.

Fashion week is right around the corner and the excitement is already beginning to build. Keep checking in for all the latest details on fashion week.

Happy Holiday’s ❤️ MyDibbs Boutique


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