The new LV & Me collection

Louis Vuitton is releasing a new collection of alphabetical jewelry, even though it seems like something small instead of major news, the brand has released a fun little video showing us why Vuitton lovers will love the new collection called LV & Me.

The brand is releasing brass earrings, necklaces and bracelets that are finished in gold, a long with a fun little video showing a cute and fabulous French robot telling us basically what each letter of the alphabet now stands for lol, but obviously it can stand for what ever we want it to at the end of the day.

You can buy them individually and even buy more then one to spell out something cool like: Vouge, Paris and  glamour. Even though the new collection is so gorgeous, the added video made it even cooler!  or What else is wonderful about this you ask?! Louis Vuitton is keeping the prices low to help bring in new consumers.

The idea behind dropping the prices for the new collection, is to invite aspiring customers to the collection, which would then lead them to eventually buying the more expensive items from the brand.
The LV & Me collection ranges from around $225 to $480 and I have to say that the video it’s self is pretty fun to watch, I found it very cute and amusing.

Lovers of the Louis Vuitton brand will enjoy the new collection and the second best part to this is, it releases just in time for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. This collection released just in time for the last minute gifters!

Check out the video below

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Check out the: LV&Me video

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