Wintery dry skin 

Winter is tough on our skin as it is, add on the heaters on full blast and then the blistery cold winds, are the main causes of harsh winter skin. During the winter season you must keep your skin mositured especially your face and hands, other wise you will live to regret it years down the line. Without properly keeping your skin mositurized, it will turn on you in different stages and begin to age right in front of your eyes, so finding the right products for your skin is key.  

Exfoliate your skin at least once a week will help remove dead skin and promote healthy skin. You can also think about using a light exfoliating brush once a week to for circulation and healthy skin.   
Drink lots of water! Everyone already knows that keeping hydrated with good plain h20, is a good way to keep your skin looking naturally radiant, most people think to drink more water in the summer time, but it’s especially important to do so just frequently during the long and cold winter days.

Don’t take as many steaming hot showers during the cold season. The mixture of the hot water and soap can deplete the natural oils within our skin. Instead of your normal hot showers try using lukewarm temperatures during your bathing time and keep it short without over soaping your skin. Over lathering just because it feels good, is a sure quick way to dry your skin out. You can find great natural products that is paraben- free, which is a lot healthier for your skin, which allows you to use it as much as you like without the excessive dryness.  

Before you go outside and into the cold, try putting mositurizer on your hands before slipping on your gloves, this will help keep the moisture locked down into the skin which will help keep your hands feeling nice and soft. 

Throughout the day, it helps to spritz your face with water (Evian has been selling their spritzer for years and is a personal favorite of mines), you can also you rose water which can be found at any local healthy food, or drug stores. You can use a gentle facial scrub once a week to keep you face free and clear of the grid from the day.  Keep your skin mositurized and it will stay tightly with you for a long time. 😌

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