Zac Posen’s NYFW 2016: Fall/Winter collection

Zac Posen showed off his Fall/Winter 2016 collection on Monday night in New York City during fashion week. Zac is known for making gorgeous dresses for Rhianna, Demo Moore and even the First Lady Michelle Obama. 

Fashions  A-listers were present to see what Zac Posen would do for his 2016 Fall/Winter collection. The pieces were full of warming colors which fit the elegant collection. I am in love his high collar jackets and gorgeous pant suits. The designs for this collection are brilliant and the pieces are beautifully cut. The up coming Fall/Winter collection was definitely made for each and every woman, no matter heigh or size you can find something out of this collection to wear. 

Posen landed his big break in the fashion industry at the age of twenty one where his line was sold in stores everywhere. With no signs of slowing down, the designer has grown tired of selling in big stores and will start selling online directly to his customers. 

The designer works around the clock, between is sixteen yearly collections he is also working on designing a collection of engagement rings, he has recently teamed up with Brooks Brothers as the new creative director and now, Delta Airlines has asked the popular designer to design the new uniforms for all of their  employees. There are no signs of Zac Posen slowing down and with every top diva calling his phone for one of his dresses, I can’t imagine that he has plans to do so anytime soon. 

Click on the link below for the video!
His dresses are gorgeous! So, below are a few looks from this 2016 collection and some of his best work that I just can’t leave out


Zac Posen Fall/Winter 2016 collection

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