Michael Kors 2016 fall/winter collection

Michael Kors pulled off a brilliant show for the 2016 Winter/Fall collection during New York Fashion Week. The collection was clean with just the right edgy touch. This collection had beautiful simple jackets, shirts and dresses with long exaggerated sleeves. The plaid short dresses are way too cute and the dress that Kendal Jenner was wearing I do have mix feelings about it. I like the fact that the minute it turned onto the runway it caught the eye, but then once my eyes had focused and realized that it was two pieces being held together by metal chains it quickly puzzled me. 

There is this one silver dress that you can actually see the amazing amount of craftsmanship was put into making that garment. Each handmade piece of that dress moved beautifully when the model walked the runway. The dress was catching the lighting perfectly giving off the illusion of it being slightly see-through, this will be a ‘red carpet’ killer for sure! 

Michael Kors is bringing it with this collection! He has this gorgeous silver sequins dress that that I can see being another red carpet hit. That was until that one piece turned the corner and then I had died and went to heaven, it was a gorgeous long sleeve jet black sequins dress and I never wanted a dress so badly! 

Michael Kors had a very cute collection to show off for the fall/winter 2016 season, I just wish he didn’t run so awkwardly late at the end of the show and to top it off, he did some weird “walk-run” down the runway. I am sure of these pieces will be show up on the red carpet soon. 


Click on the link to watch the video

Michael Kors 2016 fall/winter collection

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