Death of a Prince 

So here we go again, another musical genius has left us, but this time it really stings! Prince began his musical journey back in the early 70’s from his music class at school, where we would spend all of his time dedicated to learning to play all the instruments available. His love for James Brown and Jimi Hendricks showed in his earlier work, but he soon developed a mixture of both which help shaped his own style. Prince gave us great entertainment, amazing fashion and the most well crafted music out to date. Prince kept us signing and dancing from the 70’s up until 2016 and his music will live on and all his hard work has been worth it. 

Prince died at the age of 57 and it still doesn’t sound right to me when I say it. It’s a sadness heard around the world for music lovers this week😢. Michael Jackson’s death was a big deal for me as well, I am now getting passed the point where I don’t feel a long slow cringe within my heart every time I watch his video’s. Who knows how long it will take me to get use to never seeing Prince perform again?! Prince was an amazing artist, singer, songwriter and one hell of a musician!! I started playing the drums partly due to Sheila E and me wanting so badly to jam on stage with Prince. He was a true performer and a great guitarist. 

Years, years ago I had the most amazing pleasure of meeting Prince (sighs). It was one of the most amazing moments of my life! At first his body guard began to push me aside (didn’t even know Prince was in front of me), but once I saw him I damn near passed the hell out lol. Thankfully one of my dearest friends was with me to hold me up for support. Once Prince saw me, Prince as cool as ever did his strut and   pushed passed his gaurds walks right up to me and say “hey baby come here, how are you today” and kissed my hand. whaaaatttttt!!!! Prince called me baby?! Did he just grab my hand and kiss me on the cheek?! I remember playing it off the best that I could and when he turned around to walk away, I tunened around the other way and cried (silently) lol, although it couldn’t of been too silent because his limo driver started laughing at me lol☺️.

Without making this a long devoted post to Prince I will end this now. It’s sad that the world has lost such a music Icon and it still sounds out of the ordinary when I hear it on the news, but we should celebrate the music he loved and has shared with us. He was a a bad ass guitarist and now it’s time to show our love back and keep the party going!  💋 R.I.P Prince 

There are a few video links below. Tell me what are some of your favorite songs and live performances?

Click on the links to jam! 

Prince and Lenny Kravitz
Guitar gently weeps ~Prince takes over
Prince and ceelo Crazy
Prince and Stevie Wonder Superstitious

2 thoughts on “Death of a Prince 

  1. So incredibly sad. We were blessed to have him as long as we did and even still he’s gone too soon. But he’ll never be too far from our hearts and minds. RIP Prince 😦

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