The different styles of an R&B legend

When it comes to style Toni Braxton will never let us down! I am a huge fan of the stylish song bird. She may be little but her voice and her fashion game is not. 
I was just in the middle of watching The Braxton Family Values, when Toni appeared in a   All black one piece suit that fit her frame so perfectly😍. That was not all, her hair is what damn near got me so excited! On episode 5 from season 5, Toni’s hair was in a very sleek simple pony tail, but my loves when she turned around her baby hairs was neatly shaped into a very small and cute finger wave😍👏🏽. It looked so elegant on her! 

I completely lost my mind and immediately had to share with you as I slowly got my life back together lol. So, I wanted to take a moment and share with you some of Toni’s amazing styles over the years. If you notice the fashion from the 90’s has been popping up from the street to the grunge styles.

  Take a look and see if Toni Braxton can give you a little stylish inspiration. 

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