A Few Good Jewels

Jewelry, what woman doesn’t love to dress herself in beautiful jewelry? 

For myself it doesn’t always matter if it’s fine jewelry or costume jewelry, it’s all about how you wear it. At times your jewelry and clothing goes hand in hand helping each other out. A great piece of jewelry can help accessorize a boring outfit or in reverse a badass outfit can help make a beautiful piece of jewelry really stand out. 

A very long time ago woman used their jewelry as a natural part of their dressing. Your jewelry pieces signified your status in the world. Growing up it was all about the finer jewelry you know like;the 24k gold chains, diamonds rings and precious stones, that I could never afford but a girl can dream😉. 

It’s now 2016 soon to be leading into 2017 and costume jewelry has made a complete turn around. Everyone is wearing it and all the designers are using them to sell in departments stores at a high end price. So, it no longer matters on what you can and can not afford, all that matters is that you wear it with pride and style~just own your look!  

At MyDibbs I strive to have an array of jewelry and accessories from a low price point to a little higher price point depending on the items, so that everyone would be able to wear their style of jewelry at a affordable price. I work really hard going to showrooms to showrooms, and trade shows to trade shows to find the best for my customers. 

Below is a little look of some of the new pieces that just arrived to MDB.



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