Valentino to revamp its luxury look

The luxury brand Valentino is revamping its look to attract more younger luxury buyers in time for NYFW16. The new head designer decided to take things to the New York’s streets for its latest photography art project.

 Valentino has a new collection of bags, as well as a new head house designer and the best thing to do while making some new changes, is to celebrate with a big campaign! Valentino’s creative director Pierpablo Piccioli and photographer Terry Richardson has a great idea to kickstart the new collection and what better time then do it but during New York’s 2016 Fashion Week❣ 

The new projects idea is to show off the  different ways that New Yorkers wear their bags. It seems a little simple but here in New York its actually a real thing. New York women take their handbags seriously! Our handbags represents our styles, our personalities and just a pure obsession with having the best of the best.

The new collection is cool… But, it does remind me a lot of the classic Chanel bag with just a rock n roll edge to it. For me personally I will always love the classic Chanel look😍. I think Chanel out beats most handbags in the luxury market still to date👏🏽. The new Valentino bags are quilted and filled with spiked shinny studs embedded into them, given the collection a harder edge. 

A Chanel look-alike or not, these bags will become a bestseller in no time! Especially  around the holiday seasons.  So get ready guys- there’s a new label to buy for your wife or girlfriend the next time your on the hot seat 😉.


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